Craig Dixon

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Craig's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Craig

Hello, I am MD of ZUMATA, a Hong Kong-based travel technology company. Over the past 2 years we've created an online travel platform that we've successfully sold to companies for use by their members/employees/customers (We're B2B2C). Things are going well on the sales side, but our technology is completely outsourced and we'd like to change that. We're looking for a partner who can help us develop a new travel platform similar to our own. Currently we use cloud-based SAAS solution powered by Microsoft's suite of technology products, as well as AJAX, sql, and asp. ZUMATA is poised for rapid growth with an extremely scalable business model and we're looking for a technology partner to help us make the most of out opportunity.

Personally, I worked for Wall Street firms for 8 years, gaining finance and sales experience, before coming to Hong Kong to complete my MBA in 2009. My business partner, who is based in Singapore and Shanghai, has been in the hospitality industry for 8 years and has successfully launched another regional startup. We created ZUMATA in 2010 to expand on his existing business and also create a more scalable opportunity. We have received an initial Angel investment and are in talks with several VCs for next round funding. As we are internet-based we are not concerned with having a tech partner based in the same city. In fact, we've found some benefits to being "scattered". We do not currently have a US presence, although we are both American.