Craig Isakow

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Craig's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Craig

Passionate about clean technology and entrepreneurship, we have launched a startup with legs but need a technical cofounder to take it to the next level. We want to earn your respect and compel you to join our team to make a kick butt product that will save tons of energy, time, and money for customers.

Melon’s first product is a prototype that makes Energy Star benchmarking ridiculously easy. Once we have the customer’s energy data, Melon recommends low cost, rapid payback energy services to improve their score. Our initial product won Best Overall App 2nd Prize in the US Department of Energy Apps for Energy Challenge.

We help building owners identify operational improvements and equipment upgrades that increase efficiency and pay for themselves. Initial target markets have laws requiring building owners to compute Energy Star score.

Craig Isakow is full time CEO of Melon. He is an alumni of US Dept. of Energy, Johnson Controls, and McKinsey. He also launched a green building startup. Engineering and Economics @U of Michigan, MBA @Wharton. Anonymous Founder 2 (still in another job) is a technology enthusiast from MIT who gave up on pure science to devote his career to making buildings more efficient. He has consulted on energy efficiency to utilities and government and spent hours in boiler rooms with energy service providers.

And why the name Melon? Check us out to find out.