Craig Sennabaum

Palo Alto, California, US

Craig's Skills
Product Management

About Craig

When it comes to reviewing stuff, who do you trust more then your friends? Several companies are trying to solve this problem, but after 4 months of searching for the foundation of the problem, a flash of insight has turned into an interesting and elegant solution. I'm looking for a talented and well rounded IOS developer that can:

Take images using phone and store on server,
Manage user data and updates on server,
Store local images/data for user experience and airplane mode,
Integrate Facebook and Twitter Login, find and manage friends, query server based on social connections,
other relatively straightforward queries,
understand the basics of scalability, security, data collection for user experience,
I am business/web dev and have mockups for UI and UX using html and css, but this would need to be translated depending on technologies used. Of course input and creativity here would be a major plus as well.

The project should be relatively straight forward to get a MVP (minimum viable product) up and testable, and offer an excellent value/time ratio. Why should you choose this vision over other visions on this site? Let's talk for 10 minutes and you'll know. If you're great at what you do, don't let this opportunity pass you by. Take a risk, 10 minutes of your time could change your future.