Craig Smith

Seattle, Washington, US

Craig's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Craig

Hi, My name is Craig Smith. My start-up is called "Sports Fan League." The registered domain name is: The initial marketing tagline is: "Where Fans Are the Stars." I'm in the Seattle area.

I'm looking for a kick-booty mobile/web developer or two who can envision, along side of me, the fantastic untapped market opportunity that exists right now... in and around professional and amateur sports teams, their players, coaches, and ESPECIALLY THEIR FANS!

Research shows: the Fantasy Sports industry only scratches the surface of the overall size, breadth, and quality of the sports fan market as a whole. Sports Fan League can, I think, by itself... with killer product and awesome execution, get itself to the size of the current entire U.S. fantasy sports market!

Sports Fan is a mobile first, digital sports fan "competition platform" where real fans of real teams, players and coaches come to: a) show loyalty and support for their favorites; b) join up with other like minded fans to form "fan teams," c) compete, in a fun, easy way against rival "fan teams" for bragging rights, competition, and chances to win cash and prizes.

Like fantasy sports, Sports Fan League tracks alongside the seasons and schedules of real life sports teams, players and (in our case) coaches. But this is not fantasy sports... this is "Fan Is Me" sports. Sports Fan League is a blue ocean play. It's hot new and I think it can be better (and bigger) than what fantasy sports is right now.

Sports fans of all ages and types will be drawn to become regular active users of the Sports Fan League sites because we offer a habit forming experience and a quantum leap in value over what exists now for fun seeking, competitive sports fans. This is archetypal innovation, born of masters level insight and deep links to our collective, commerce driven, unconscious.

SFL's sports fan team performance and scoring algorithms will be proprietary and revolutionary. We will leverage those to capture the lions share of the nascent but so very attractive "sports fan vs. fan" competition market. Of course, we will have to work super hard to build our awesome, fun and very successful new venture that can disrupt the sports fan space.

Later, for more crazy growth, we can expand Sports Fan League internationally into every developed, sports loving nation nation on earth, and after that, we can cross-pollinate our brand into other fan competition markets such as music, film, art, education, science, public service, etc...

Thanks! Craig Smith