Crine Insalata

London, United Kingdom

Crine's Skills
Business Development

About Crine

I have more than 15 years experience of working with Multi-nationals delivery complex global projects for FTSE 100 companies. I am trained in branding and hold an MBA in Strategy(Graduated 2010). I am currently working as a consultant working mostly in emerging market trail blazers as they expand out of their home markets and have successfully generated revenue and profit over the last 3 years.

I have a strong background in strategy, business management and managing start-ups. As a career consultant, I am skilled in learning new industries and result focused.

My passion is in creating innovative disruptive technology that will change the way consumers interact with businesses via mobile. With the increasing interest in mobile e-wallets, I think this is an opportune moment to develop a strong idea . This is what I am working on.

I am hardworking, creative, pragmatic and take calculated risks. I am looking for someone who is genuinely passionate about creating a change and am prepared to 'dive into the deep-end' with this.

I am currently splitting my time between my day job and pursuing my idea. I can also be found at CampusLondon.


I am looking for a developer of consumer apps, preferably a game developer (although this is not a game app) with excellent technical skills who will able to take the challenge and as we grow, help me identify the skills we need. I need someone who is a team player, passionate and uncompromising integrity. Age is immaterial but need some with a mature approach to business and is not afraid to engage with business leaders, investors .