Cristina Alexandra Dinu

Paris, France

Cristina Alexandra's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Cristina Alexandra

I am a fresh graduate of MSc program in Information System Management of EPITA (École pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées) Paris, with a BSc in Computer Science and Economics. I have worked as an Analyst Developer for Accenture for 2 years and I have recently completed a 6-month internship at SAP as a User Researcher & Assistant Product Owner.

Having a background in both IT (programming, user experience research, interaction design) and business (corporate finance, business model definition, entrepreneurship marketing among others), I believe I can manage the strategy and life of a software product.

I am passionate about technology and I am interested in finding meaningful ways to use it in order to bring value to our lives as individuals and to society as a whole.

I am now looking for an opportunity to start my own project, whether it is on somebody else's idea that captures my attention or on some of my own ideas that I am exploring right now.

Lastly, I hope that I could partner with somebody that shares my enthusiasm, energy, and full-time commitment to bringing a valuable idea to life. Do contact me if you want to discuss your proposal, if you want to hear about mine or simply if you want to chat on a related topic.