Cristus Cleetus

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

CTO and Innovative Product Developer
Cristus's Skills
User Experience
Product Management

About Cristus

I am here to meet other founders who are looking for a CTO on an equity basis or on a project basis to assist with improving technical capability for prototype development both software and hardware-based utilizing IoT/ AI / ML and CV expertise.

On the software/web app development stack, I and my team works with Python-based Django Framework for the backend, Javascript based AngularJS Framework for frontend development. Dart based Flutter framework for iOS and Android App Prototyping.

On hardware prototype development, we can create quick mashups for proof of concept using raspberry/arduino kits or completely custom electronic board and chipset design. We can also develop high-quality reliable prototypes that are ready for mass manufacturing, and we provide support from validation to sourcing of suppliers and manufacturers to meet target selling price.

Business experience also runs into domains of maritime, engineering, steel fabrication, IT infrastructure setups, audio visual production and post production process/workflow, training and development etc.


Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently - Henry Ford