Crystal Ruff

Portland, Oregon, US

Crystal's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Crystal

I am the owner of Toy Pals Library and Lab in Portland OR. Toy Pals will provide toys, games and puzzles for all ages available to rent or stay and play! Focusing on education and imagination, Toy Pals will strive to offer the best in toys and make those toys more affordable for all families through rental services. I hope to open the library in about a year with long term goals including an after school program and multiple locations.
I have 7 yrs experience in toys and 4 yrs experience in people and store management. I have a great business plan and the know how to make a business run. What I'm missing is a people person. I am socially awkward and I can no longer ignore how that is affecting my business start up. I have been working on the library for 3 years. First developing my idea, then taking classes and planing, and finally making real moves to try to open a space. I am thorough and detail oriented. I love art, toys, nature, science and having fun!
I am looking for an out-going, eco-friendly, lover of toys and education! Someone who would love to spend their days on social media, marketing and playing with toys! Later you would be expected to host library events, meet people at the various markets and street fairs and, at opening, work customer service. This person should be a good communicator who is open to discussion and brainstorming with a team approach to management. This will eventually be a highly involved position. Once we have a space, your work load will increase and may include some tasks in all aspects of opening the business.
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