Curt Conklin

Chicago, Illinois, US

Curt's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Curt

Whoozat! is a social venture which connects affinity groups and their associated social hubs in an entirely new, unobtrusive, and privacy protecting way. We have funding for the first year, a high-profile channel partner to get our project launched, and a revenue model which should lead us to profitability within a couple years.

I am looking for a cofounder to help shoulder the burden of getting this off the ground and impressing our customers. Like everyone else, I would prefer a technical cofounder who has worked in several different environments and can pick up new ones quickly. But I have technology experience and recognize that there are other ways to build this venture. I would consider a non-technical cofounder who is clear headed, bright and can manage projects, can analyze and understand complex business systems, and who has a capacity that matches mine.