Curtis Harris

Rockville, Maryland, US

Curtis's Skills
Business Development

About Curtis

My name is Curtis and am the principal founder of me2you mobile Inc. The me2you mobile team currently consist of 1 marketing professional, 1 legal professional, 1 database back end designer, and 1 graphic designer. We are a fun and talented group of people who are interested in launching the second version of our product which is about 75% complete.

We are currently looking for an Android developer to help us finish version 2.0 of our product; Swag Rap SMS... a patent pending messaging app. Version 1.0 of SwagRap is currently on the Google play market, however we have refrained from promoting the app until we have a developer who can make some adjustments to the current app based upon feedback from version 1.0.

We look forward to hearing from any interested parties and thank you for taking the time to inquire.


Johns Hopkins University

Bachelor's of Arts

2000 - 2000