Curtis Jordan

Calgary, Canada

An driven Entrepreneur, innovative businesses and products, purpose= Positively effect lifestyles
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About Curtis

I started my first company at the age of 20 when I was in my 3rd year business school at UofA . Then over the next 6 years I had experienced fast and consistent growth. I added multiple divisions creating a innovative company structure that resulted in a positive environment where employees felt a part of. This increased productivity and quality. I, a young entrepreneur, optimistically assumed that the level of demand in the market was normal.

The economy then crashed heavily in Albert. A project we had invested in, by buying new equipment and training new employees and that we had a multi-million dollar, multi-year contract for, only 6 months into starting, went bankrupt. With the economy collapsing there were many similar situations making it impossible to collect a large amount of accounts receivables.

Although my business survived and still paid its bills, and I continued to operate for a couple years. As a person who was only use to success and growing my businesses, I was emotionally affected and became more and more self-destructive. Finally reaching a personal state which that was so low I desperately required change. This pushed me to finding a professional program that immediately showed me a whole new world that stemmed from understanding self and living a lifestyle that involved focusing on complete personal growth.

As a child I played a lot of sports and as an adult had alwhaays enjoyed and was involved in a personal fitness program. Experiencing for the first time new mental and emotional growth and realizing the lack of resources that exist for individuals to even know the importance of self-discovery, I became passionate and inspired to create a fitness like community that also focused on complete personal-growth. I too, completed a life coaching course and became certified. This was to develop more skills and tools for myself as a business leader and to also help with my new businesses program development.

I since have developed a couple new businesses that are both innovative and purposeful. From the employee structure to the services and or products that the business offer, all are developed with the common goal of bettering the lifestyles of all those reached directly and in indirectly.

I live and breathe business. It is not seen as work to me but rather as a passion. All the tasks required to complete in a startup to me are challenging, exciting and rewarding.

Please connect with me as I love to meet and learn more about like-minded individuals. Whether its just to chat and potentially learn from one another, or if it has the potential of collaborating, combining skills, resources and efforts to create a new purposeful businesses, I look forward to connecting!