D Gluck

New York, New York, US

D's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About D

I'm an exp'd biz owner with an exp'd tech cofounder & an about to be issued patent for a foundational technology in the InfoSec space. We're working on prototype to be finished shortly. We'll be talking to both customers and investors very shortly.

A) We're seeking experienced programmers, esp. (1) C/C++ kernel mode developer (porting experience to Unix/Linux/SystemX preferable); (2) .Net programmers with application and framework integration level experience, User Mode TCP/IP socket & dynamic IPC experience (policy core services Android a plus), and (3) a Web/GUI programmer. These will probably be first employees but a star could be a co-founder.

B)We're also seeking an experienced pen tester and an experienced tech sales person as either co-founder or first employee. We'd also be interested in an experienced biz dev professional with experience in govt grants.

C) We're also seeking programmers with experience in or as:
Network administrators;
Encryption sales or service;
Smartphone security or microcoders;
Cordless Phone programming;
Sat Phone security;
Military or Two-Way Radio;
VOIP or IM security;
Cable TV anti-piracy;
Satellite TV anti-piracy;
RFID security;
Cell phone security;
SCADA security.

This is a seriously exciting project for serious programmers, sales stars & entrepreneurs. We're not teenagers with a simple mobile app. If you're ambitious & have lots to offer, contact us. We'll teach you a whole new security paradigm along with a minimum viable product ready very shortly.