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About D7

Product idea developer in need of technical experts to launch a product/service. I like to think about ways to approach a problem by applying creative and unique solutions before everyone else jumps in with their own ideas.

I have one particular idea that is health/fitness-related, that requires some skill in electronics prototyping and circuitry. Anyone with Arduino, Raspberry pi tinkering knowledge at the low end, up to electrical engineering expertise at the high end, would be welcome.

Ideas I have require a more technical approach than my skills would cover, while some aspects of my ideas could use more operational knowledge and skill than I can muster.

I need to join with people who have the skills that I lack, to convert an idea/concept to a minimum viable product and eventually into a marketable product.

Anyone with questions/thoughts/comments please feel free to msg or email me.. Thanks.


Build it- and they will come (assuming you've done your market research, cleared the legal hurdles, secured reliable production facilities, etc...) - Me

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January 2001 - Today


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