D Scott Andrews

Berkeley, California, US

Determined inventor, Designer, Communicator, Finder of Out of the box photonic solutions
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I am an Technician Turned inventor. Perhaps my dyslexia has something to do with it but I always see a better way of doing things that solves problems that most people where willing to live with or did not think where a problem. I see things in a way that is different than most people.

I have well developed prototype MVP and web-sight X-Waves.net. I need some one with business and marketing chops to fill in some places where I lack experience and knowledge.

Work Experience

Laser Engineering Technician

Allied Signal Technical Services Corporation

June 1996 - July 1999

 Identified root cause of laser system performance shortcomings. Developed and implemented corrective actions.  Developed and maintained wave front diagnostic packages and other laser system components utilizing engineering drawings.  Designed numerous performance enhancements on optical diagnostic packages (received Performance Rewards for these activities).  Performed light plumbing using VCO and swagelok fittings to.  Responsible for operating, maintaining, and leak checking a large-scale vacuum system.

Mechanical Technician

OnSite Engineering

September 1999 - February 2000

 Obtained assembly, crane operation and machine shop experience

Solid State Laser Final Test Technician


February 2000 - February 2002

 Built a variety of solid state lasers and utilized various optics to correct beam distortions.

Senior Engineering Technician

Onix Microsystems, Inc.

February 2001 - August 2002

 Conceived, developed, built, and automated a fiber array to lens array alignment station that utilized LabVIEW, precision staging, and a spinning slit beam analyzer.  Created an algorithm to automate Fiber lens Array to Fiber Lens Array alignment utilizing LabVIEW.

Responsible Individual for the Titan Target Area at the Jupiter Laser Facility (JLF)

Lawrence Livermore National Security

October 2012 - Today

 Responsible for safety and day to day operations of the largest and most complex target area in the JLF facility.  Designed and modeled using SolidWorks and built a new East Beam (1-15ns up to 1KJ Long Pulse Laser) and West Beam (700ps 150J Short Pulse Laser) Near Field and Far Field Diagnostics.  Reworked West Water Cell Pre-pulse diagnostic to make it less susceptible to alignment drift.  Brain stormed with a diverse community of researcher to understand and learn from their experiments and diagnostics. Contributed my advice and guidance using my expertise in optical systems to help make their experiments successful.  Knowledgeable with aligning diagnostics like Autocorrelator Schlieren Cameras and VISAR interferometer.  Became knowledgeable with parabolic focusing optics and chirped short pulse diffractive optics thru experience.

Sr. Technologist-Laser Electro Optic Technician

University of California /LLNS at Lawrence Livermore National Lab

August 2002 - October 2012

 Worked with Outside Laser Venders, Physicists, Optical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Laser Safety and Control System personnel to develop a laser beam formatting back scatter Laser CALibration (LCAL) system at National Ignition Facility (NIF). Designed this laser system using my knowledge of lasers, laser beam processing, diagnostic packages and common optical-mechanical components. Presented the above laser system at a preliminary and final design review, the system was positively received, qualified, and integrated into the NIF control system.  Conceived and in the process of developing a next generation of comb generators. This new comb generator is built around a modulator instead of an edge laser. In initial testing it has shown the potential to have more power, better temporal plus shape, no DC bias, more stable frequency and intensity. This new comb also has a variety of advantages around the fact that it uses a single 3.5µm fiber instead of a multimode 62.5µm graded index fiber.  Developed mechanical fixtures, LabView code, and procedures to automate the acquiring, analyzing and archiving of power meter and Streak camera images needed for the calibration and characterization of optical streak cameras.  Operate and maintain alignment of Long pulse laser (LLNL made 18ns flat top temporal mode ND:YLF laser) and Short pulse laser (50ps Jaguar ND:YVO4 Laser with saturable absorber, mode locked seed, and multi pass regeneration cavity).  Designed, built and maintained water chiller filter and manifold system for the cooling water required to run the above lasers and external amplifiers.  Designed, built and maintained house nitrogen distribution system for the above lasers.  Using a variety of lasers and diagnostic equipment to develop and execute tests to characterize optical equipment and optics. Some examples include:  Using a fast optical streak camera and 50ps Jaguar laser to precisely measure the internal delay of fiber optics.  Utilizing laser sources, arc-lamps, stages, and power/energy meters to characterize wavelength, angle dependent loss, and other characteristics of various optics including fiber optics, fiber optic components and a Lambertian scattering material known as spectralon.  Responsible for running the Calorimeter Calibration Lab:  Taking data, operating a large vacuum chamber and aligning high power ND:YAG laser and beam formatting system.  Improving LabVew code and staging which resulted in an automated process that improved accuracy and eliminated man hours by roughly one-half.  Daily Work Team Leader (DWITL) for Streak camera calibration Lab and Calorimeter Calibration Lab. Working with Responsible Individual (RI), Authorizing Individual (AI), Laser Safety Officers (LSO), Health and safety personal and Safety Interlock Technicians to ensure that Engineering, Administrative, Housekeeping and PPE precautions are in place to ensure personal and equipment safety and overcome AHJ issues for these laser labs. Responsible for Safe Plan of Action meetings and insuring safe and proper working conditions


Texas State Technical College

Associates in Applied Science Laser Electro-Optics Technician

1993 - 1996

National Instruments (related training)

LabVIEW Basics I , II and advanced + Lab VIEW Machine Vision - Training No Degree

2000 - 2001

GoEngineer SolidWorks (related training)

Solid works Basics - Training No Degree

2014 - 2014