D. Scott Pierce, Founder - PINION

Seattle, Washington, US

PINION (www.pinionvote.com), the global democracy platform, looking for collaborators, CMO & CTO!
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About D. Scott

I'm an organizational leader & leadership consultant with over 25 years of global experience in technology, people & business strategy. I'm taking this knowledge to launch PINION! (www.pinionvote.com), a new social networking/civic engagement platform (app & website) to disrupt and revolutionize the awful political-media complex we all suffer from today. This market is ripe for disruption and I've received extremely positive feedback about the solution approach and potential value of this huge opportunity...this truly has unicorn potential!

Near-term, I am seeking 1) A technical collaborator (CTO) with the ability to design the technical architecture & build out the mobile app & website. 2) A marketing collaborator (CMO) with experience in startups, growth hacking, crowdfunding, social media and politics/civic engagement.

We're trying to save/reinvigorate democracy and make a ton of money and have a huge positive social impact on our world! I'd be happy to talk to you if you're interested in our mission & plans...so please reach out!

Take Care...Scott


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