Daan Klijberg

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Daan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Daan

Currently 2 man start up - focus on portfolio/staffing/international

Looking for a backend developer who can co-found in exchange for equal shares.
Expertise required in progamming (PHP, JAVA, Ruby), Databases, search algorythms.

This startup does not require you to build a software product, but a supporting online platform for a new business approach. An equal weight distribution between tech, sales and marketing can be achieved.

We are looking for a technical person that understands and values the roles of Sales/Marketing/Finance/Communication people in an organisation, as it will be the other way around.

Some key aspects for you to have as a person:

- Drive!
- wanting to be a co-owner
- wanting to hire and run his own team/department in time
- flexibility
- See the big picture
- Have a slightly disturbing sense of humor...