Dagmara Szkurlat

Sydney, Florida, US

Dagmara's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dagmara

I'm an engineering student, with a little programming background, who has successfully led a team to win Silicon Valley comes to UK, and got flown over to the Valley to meet up with some VCs, angels and founders. I got a taste of what startup life has to offer and I decided to finally turn one of my many ideas into reality. I'm particularly interested in ideas that change the world and disrupt industries, not so much in making small improvements.
Working in Sydney, Australia with a successful entrepreneur as partner/mentor, I wanted to change the way advertising works. And ended up developing a sort of micro-fundraising platform Patronise Me. We're currently looking for talented, all-round developers/programmers. With experience working across countries, we don't mind if you're not in Australia.