Dain Miller

Ithaca, New York, US

Dain's Skills
Product Management

About Dain

I'm an investor in the technology & education sectors, director of engineering & technology at one of the world's largest companies, creator of web products, podcaster, consultant, former innovation specialist at white house, and part-time fun maker @Harvard.

Looking for someone with an eye for detail. I'm extremely broad vision and action go go go all the time. And I need someone who is more details focused, and thinks carefully before they do things.

Our company works in a bunch of different media spaces (podcasts, video, etc), BUT our primary product is an innovative educational platform to help people accelerate their education.

Key point: All online education platforms are not helping people as much as they should, because they are missing the GOAL that the user is growing toward. They don't contextualize education.

We're building the new online university.

Acceptable skills: biz-dev, marketing, finance, sales, technical.