Dairenn Lombard

Los Angeles, California, US

Executive Producer for Solar Flame Music
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In addition to spending the last three years wrapping up post-release business from the previous album, a lot of time and effort has been spent on re-tooling marketing and branding for Starfire in order to take this business to the next level. We want to achieve deeper market penetration among ardent buyers of Melodic Rock and Classic Rock music on CD whether they're in Europe, Japan, south America or north America. We have invested in developing a new logo, a branding style guide including typography, photography and psychographic/demographic profiles to really deliver on the kind of ROI to make the annual spend on production, operations and marketing sustainable.

This is where you come in.

You believe in the greatness of powerful guitar solos, huge drums driving rock that you can Dance to and songs about the heat of passion whether it goes right or it goes wrong. You believe in the power of having conversations and establishing customer relationships through influence advertising and top-of-mind marketing to connect the men and women who Love this kind of music to a kind of "brand" making this kind of music again. A niche audience off the beaten path of trendy, digitally streaming laptop-generated music that LISTENS to their music. It's not background music at a barbecue. They are sitting in front of their stereo being moved by what they're hearing on their CD player or turntable. The drums and bass making them pump their shoulders while following each keyboard and guitar note. They Love this stuff. This Miss this stuff, and you want to be the one that is going to help me bring this back to them.

PLEASE NOTE: The section about "Dairenn is open to joining a startup" is INCORRECT. The site gives you no way to toggle that off, but please keep in mind I am only Looking for a part-time Business Partner that specializes in marketing that I can team up with for my music business.

Work Experience

Executive Producer

Solar Flame Music

April 2002 - Today

I am the Executive Producer for Solar Flame Music; a production and publishing sole proprietorship in North Hollywood, California. This is the business that houses the recording, mixing, manufacturing, as well as hiring of graphics design, mastering for albums, as well as promotional operations (such as ad buys), publication (distribution) and live performance production arrangements and hiring. Solar Flame is responsible for 100% of the business behind my music project: Starfire. Starfire is a music project I started 12 years ago based around music I've written since 1995 that has led to three CDs and one live DVD and several live, local concerts between 2010 and 2013. A fourth album is in the works, focused once again on our style: Melodic Rock / AOR along the lines of bands such as Frontiers Records recording artists: Work Of Art, The Magnificent, and, Sunstorm. Look them up... They're good.