Dale Appleby

McKinney, Texas, US

Dale's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dale

As the leader of exclusive marketplaces for the obsessed, Curious Complex provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to build a business around their passion or obsession.

As a Curious Vertical Market Operator, you will be able to build awareness of your Curious Marketplace and generate traffic of obsessed, niche-specific users to the site. You will be able to convey the value to both the user and to the companies looking to participate in the marketplace.

Best of all you will have the right to operate your marketplace, WHERE YOU PARTICIPATE IN IMMEDIATE REVENUE WITH NO COSTS TO ACQUIRE YOUR MARKETPLACE.

Additionally, you will be part of the overall Curious Complex which provides additional synergies and benefits.

Curious Complex provides a platform to Companies or Individuals who have:
• Expert knowledge in a defined niche. i.e. scuba diving, running, jets, pole vaulting, Jeep, mountain bike, marathon, Harley Davidson, Labrador (THERE IS NO LIMIT)
• The ability to reach and communicate with consumers in that niche.
• The ability to reach and communicate with brands/companies in that niche.
• A thorough knowledge of niche concentrations ie: forums, events, magazines, associations, etc.

Business Opportunity provided by Curious Complex includes:
• Revenue Share of ecommerce transactions facilitated within the marketplace.
• Exclusive Virtual Territory rights to your niche on Curious Complex, which means there will be only one marketplace serving your niche, e.g., Skicurious will be the only Curious marketplace for skiing.
• All hosting, support, infrastructure management and ecommerce services.
• Maintenance of the marketplace website and technology platform.
• A dedicated Curious representative for all marketplace operators.
• Support and assistance in developing and executing your niche marketplace business plan.
• Ongoing support.

This is not a franchise nor are we selling our platform or marketplace. There are no-costs to become a part of Curious Complex. Now it's possible to launch a business within your passion or obsession with no start-up costs.

How to Inquire
Please go to www.nichecurious.com and complete the registration form at your earliest convenience. Once the form is completed we will contact to you to discuss the opportunity further. We look forward to learning about your obsession.