Dale Berryhill

Memphis, Tennessee, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

About Dale

We have three products that are all potentially high-revenue consumer websites/apps. Two are live and one is in beta.

FindMyReps.com and the FindMyReps app (iPhone and Android) is the only comprehensive voter information lookup service (your elected officials, candidates, etc.) that is based on the actual shape files used to delineate political office districts. Promotion occurs through partnerships with local election commissions, secretaries of state, advocacy groups, and local news channels. Revenue model: FindMyReps offers the most targeted political advertising in history to candidates and other political advertisers. Even modest success would generate revenues over $25 million. The site and app are built and launched. We're seeking funding to build out the database and web developers to join us as equity partners.

HollywoodNepotism.com generated publicity from media such as Forbes.com and AOL News when it was launched. We own the U.S. Trademark on the phrase Hollywood Nepotism. In addition to carrying targeted advertising, we believe the site could be the basis for paperback books and a series or specials on a channel like VH-1. We'd like to build it up and either run it or sell it to an established showbiz site. We'd welcome conversations with, and advice from, anyone with experience in showbiz-related e-commerce, even if you're not interested in joining us.

OnThisVerySpot.com was our flagship project and had been approved as a project of a major media company when the economy crashed in 2008. It's been sitting there ever since, and to this day no one has offered the same functionality: search historical and pop culture spots by location and/or topic (wide or narrow). Play with it awhile and you'll see that it leads you from one thing to another. We're seeking developers, advisors, money, contacts, and anyone else interested in making this thing work.

All our products are content-based, derived from a mixture of crowd-sourcing and staff vetting/staff generated. We're one of the few companies in e-commerce willing to actually create new content. In fact, we would like to partner with others so that we can focus on content development.


University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Masters in Research & Writing

1991 - 1991