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Lubbock, Texas, US

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Independent, team player, innovator, entrepreneurial, patriotic veteran strives to always do the right thing, for honorable dealings, friendships and making an honest buck.

Working for others has its benefits yet, growing someone else's company only offers limited satisfaction for me at best. I've been Director and VP of Marketing at firms, significantly grown their businesses creating great wealth for the principles. While I was dedicated, prospered and enjoyed the challenge at the time, I much rather enjoy the fruit of my own risk, sweat and labor.

I've created and vetted several B2B and consumer products and concluded after several dozen finance meetings over the years, the best course to market while holding on to control is to start small, grow and share the reward with my own team.

I've taken the most basic, least expensive to start, yet profitable product line from the lot and in my garage over the last several months, determined the best and most cost effective of materials, parts, processes and manufacturing.

I've shared the prototypes with intimate focus groups and have had 70% favorable response.

I've written this to help find our shop leader; our qualified team co founder who has manufacturing, plastics and plastic extruder machine experience.


Mean what you say, and say what you mean. - Dale Freedomson