Dale Sims

London, United Kingdom

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I've been in the fitness industry for nearly 7 years, in that time I've worked in various roles such as receptionist, sales team, duty manager, fitness instructor and, to where I am now, personal trainer. Previously to that I worked various other jobs such as a sales rep in a call centre and also served in the Army.

My company UKFitBase is a social network for the fitness industry, with a specific focus on matching the public to personal trainers based on the personality and skill set - in the hope to create a better experience of fitness.

In many ways the situation is similar the story of the princess and the frog, whereas the princess has to kiss many frogs before she finds a prince, people tend to go through a few trainers before they find the right one that suits them.

I truly believe that what we have can be an industry changing product, and I am looking for someone who shares that vision and can help me progress the company and take it where it needs to go.

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