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WHO AM I? Together with my co-founder, who recently left a high-paying Finance job to be our CFO, I am preparing to officially launch TurnStyle later this year. I'm a graduate of Boston College and resident of Brooklyn. In my previous role, I managed relationships with Fortune 500 companies, and I continue to advise my former employer, the global leader in Energy Intelligence technology, on business operations.

WHAT IS TURNSTYLE? TurnStyle maintains a vast shared wardrobe of amazing clothes. Our users browse that shared wardrobe and pick out which clothes they would want to wear, populating their own personal Wear List (think like creating a personal Spotify playlist from Spotify’s vast library of songs). Every three weeks, we deliver our members a different 5 garments from their Wear List (think like putting that Spotify playlist on shuffle). Once our members are done with the clothes, they return them upon their next delivery--or hold on to any garments they love and we charge it to their account. More info at www.turnstylecollective.com

WHAT STAGE ARE WE AT? We operated a 3-month pilot with ~20 test members. They all told us they *loved* it. Using their survey feedback, we’re setting the groundwork for a launch later this year.

WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? For the 3-month pilot, we used a work-around instead of our own tech platform: we uploaded our garments to a private Instagram account, and when a member “Liked” a photo, that garment would be added to their personal Wear List. We need a smartphone-based platform of our own, and we want an enthusiastic developer, that believes in the potential of this idea, to join us in making it a reality.


Boston College

Political Science

2011 - 2011

Boston College


2011 - 2011