Dallas Kachan


Richmond, California, US

Entrepreneur with two successful exits seeking technical co-founder for new ad tech play
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Business Development
Product Management
Public Relations

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Founded 2+ startups

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About Dallas

Looking for technical co-founder(s) for a potentially disruptive ad tech play. Have come up with a brand new, proven (i.e prototyped and tested) metaphor for monetizing online publication content that's potentially as big a concept, with similar total addressable market, as Google AdSense. Ideal partner(s) would have engineering background in the content management and/or advertising industries.

I currently have full time responsibilities at another company but am gestating this project on the side. With business plan and roadmap in hand, the next step is building the MVP. I don't want to do it with an outside development agency. Would sooner find someone, ideally local--SF Bay Area--as enthusiastic about the opp. as me who'd be willing to work evenings and weekends with me building the MVP for equity in the short term. And who would be in a position to join the venture full time to grow and lead engineering when initial flagship customer partners are delighted and capital is secured.

See my LinkedIn profile (above) for professional background.


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