Dallas Post

Houston, Texas, US

Founder of The Post Money Plan
Dallas's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
Public Relations
User Experience

About Dallas

I have recently founded The Post Money Plan, a startup aimed at empowering Millenials with knowledge of personal finance and economics (www.postmoneyplan.com). I believe there is a desperate need to meet the growing issue of rising costs of college and insufficient teaching about money in the education system.

I currently produce online content via articles and podcasts (and eventually videos) but also hope to develop educational content that can be downloaded or taught in seminars. The business model will drive revenue primarily through advertising, but also through freemium content, and eventually product sales.

I'm looking for a partner or partners to complement my skills and take the business to the next level and plan for long term scaling of the enterprise. I have a heavy business & finance background, so I am comfortable focusing on strategy, content development, management, those type of things.

I am much less comfortable in tech skills and salesmanship, so I think the business could really benefit from someone with sales skills to promote the business, get word out to people, attract funding, and generally build the brand as well as a coding expert or generally tech savvy person who would know how to translate ideas into technological reality.

Please check out my Linkedin for more information on my background or feel free to ask me questions about the business vision etc.