Dallas Post

Houston, Texas, US

Founder of The Post Money Plan
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About Dallas

The Post Money Plan is a startup that empowers Millennials with knowledge of personal finance and economics (www.postmoneyplan.com). We provide financial education and coaching. There is a desperate need to meet the growing issue of the rising cost of college and insufficient teaching about money in the education system. Consequently, our mission is to liberate people from financial oppression and empower them to build selfless wealth.

Our flagship product is a 1-on-1 financial coaching Program that teaches people how to start saving money by budgeting and establishing a financial game plan with specific goals and schedules. We also produce online content via articles and podcasts (and eventually videos) but also hope to develop educational content that can be downloaded or taught in seminars.

The current business model is structured around Program sales. The vision is to train independent financial coaches to become licensed franchisees of the Program.

I'm looking for a business development partner to complement my skills and take the business to the next level and plan for long term scaling of the enterprise. I have a heavy business & finance background, so I am comfortable focusing on strategy, content development, management, those type of things.

I am much less comfortable in salesmanship, so I think the business could really benefit from someone with sales skills to promote the business, get word out to people, attract funding, and generally build the brand. Someone that can convince people to proactively seek our help with their finances. Someone who can help me build traction in the market with clients. Someone that can build brand awareness and appeal.

Immediate compensation would be in the form of an equity split/share with cash comp contingent on securing investor funding.

Please check out my Linkedin for more information on my background or feel free to ask me questions about the business vision etc.

I'm looking for a co-founder who is:
-passionate about personal finance/economics and the student debt problem
-skilled in sales & marketing