About Evan

I am a Marine Veteran with an iron will to succeed. I have a serious passion for fitness and bringing a healthy lifestyle to others. Last December I started a successful fitness company in the Dallas area offering wellness programs for small and large businesses as well as personal training and boot camps for the general population. I am looking to dive into corporate wellness full time and would like a business-minded entrepreneur to do so with. I am very proficient in managing others, communication and thinking outside the box.

As you know, the fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and is on a steady rise to exceed all previous numbers within the coming years. With the Affordable Healthcare Act in place, revisions have been to support wellness programs and grants have been given to small business to initiate such a program.

I see a very real opportunity for what I am looking to provide and will do anything to see it succeed. I need a like-minded individual entrepreneur to help my craft and carry out this plan.