Damian Sieczkowski

New York, New York, US

Damian's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Damian

My name is Damian and I just launched a jobs marketplace, alimity.com ( go check it out! ) I had some success outside of tech and took the money I earned to build it. My hard work, dedication, and ambition has gotten me this far but I think it's time for me to enlist in some help and find a marketing cofounder to help take Alimity to the next level.

A bit more about us and the role I'm looking to fill...

Alimity is a jobs marketplace and we're looking for a an ambitious and experienced marketing guru. We're expecting you to be very creative and yet be able to execute, measure, and report on your marketing campaigns. Eventually you will be expected to head the marketing department that you create and manage but in the beginning it's just you!

We need you to have a proven track record in effectively devising and executing creative, fun, and interactive marketing campaigns aimed at recruiting users to a web or phone app. Experience building an Marketplace would be even better! We expect you to be very social, outgoing, and excellent at communicating our service to potential partners, users, investors, and everyone in between.

Please note, this is an equity only opportunity until we close a round or begin making some money. You may also be granted a "Co-Founder" title.

Please contact damian@alimity.com with your resume and a portfolio, if you have one, featuring previous marketing campaigns you created.