damien bellehchili

New York, New York, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About damien

I'm a 26 years old French/American (2 citizenships) who grew up in France and have done a business school there.
After the bankruptcy of the company own by my father and of whom I was the president, I went in NYC to start a new adventure, find a job and/or create something.

And here I am today, because I got the idea to create something. But as many of us business oriented I lack the technology competencies to go further. And also, even after living for a year in Miami and 3 months in NYC, I don’t have the market and cultural thinking of someone born and raised here.

I consider myself as a manager, without special and unique skills, but who know how to handle and understand people; who know how business and company works. I also think I'm intelligent and understand quickly.

My ideal candidates would be a developer and a sales man. The first one goes without saying; the idea is based on a mobile application. The second one is less important to start, but a company who can't sell, can't live.

No need to say that an entrepreneur mind is required, but if you are reading this it means you have it!

As for my idea I'm currently working on, doing a prototype and entering the NYC public library business plan competition, involved a mobile application and advertising for companies in a new way. I will be more specific with the ideal peoples.


Toulouse Business School


2012 - 2012