Damien Franco

Houston, Texas, US

Damien's Skills
Product Management

About Damien

You need a marketer?

Here's the deal. You have a kick ass product/idea/app whatever. It's slick. User friendly. It's gonna change the industry. You have an awesome programmer and/or sales guy. You have a superb board of members. Maybe you don't have all of those.

You still need an audience. You still need people who are interested in what you're doing.

If you think your product is for "everyone" or the person who is doing your marketing thinks that then you should contact me.

Here's what you get. You get honesty. First and foremost I'm going to look at your product or app and we'll figure out who your REAL audience is. What makes you different? Better isn't always good enough. Cheaper isn't good enough.

Do people know what you're selling? Do they know what you've built?

Here's what I believe. I believe in fostering relationships online and creating advocates and real fans. I believe that great content helps you get found and that a solid digital marketing effort designed around transparency and trust will take you further than slick sales speak.

I believe that modern marketing involves personality, education, humor, and an ability to create compelling copy and amazing headlines.

You want keywords? SEO? Check. SEM? Check. Social Media? Yup! Email? Of course, people still read email and it's super effective!

Let's get people talking.