Damien Lopez

Portland, Oregon, US

I am an artist, event producer, and entrepreneur.
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I worked for many years as a storyboard artist on animated and live-action productions for several studios. I am highly self-motivated, creative, and goal-oriented; in college I researched, sought-out and coordinated an internship with a NY animation studio on my own; conceived and produced a number of public events throughout my life, most recent being UNPUBs and Protospiels in Portland, OR; traveled across the U.S. several times, working and volunteering to support myself.
I am developing a catalog of tabletop & augmented reality games. I have been working on the concept behind the company for over two years, and there is a working prototype which demonstrates the method in which games will be published. Below are examples of the type of experiences I want to generate for users (I have no connection to these projects):



I am looking for 2 individuals with professional experience in both business or technology who are interested in working together with me to establish a next generation game publishing company. This opportunity involves "sweat equity" in exchange for a partnership position and percentage of the company.

Operations Expertise - Operations and sales experience is preferred. You will be tasked with assisting me in finalizing, sharing, and implementing the business plan and model for the company. Must be able to create financial & market analysis; marketing experience is a plus but not necessary.

Technology Expertise - Experience working with/developing augmented reality apps is required. *If you are an app developer or programmer with an interest in building an AR app from scratch, I want to hear from you.

Experience in either the tabletop or video game industries is preferred, as is a passion for games, gaming, and new technology.


"Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick" - Nice & Smooth 1991


Cooper Union School of Art


1998 - 2002