Damion Wongsang

New York, New York, US

Damion's Skills
Product Management

About Damion

Kick Jamaica Launches a real estate crowd funding technology start-up- Platform. Which lets Individuals invest in properties in New York State and local communities in Jamaica, West Indies
Earning profits while becoming socially involved. Since its beta launch it has raised $300,000 for one project in New York —a small building in the park slope  community of Brooklyn. Kick Jamaica is looking to partner with real estate agents, Individual’s investors.  & Brokers.  

Traditionally, investing in commercial real estate has only been accessible to the very wealthy, through property Ownership or investment funds Kick Jamaica member have the ability to invest at level accessible to everyone

Unlike private equity funds Or REITS where investors Blindly invest in Pool, kick Jamaica members select individual Property offering in which to invest, Curating their own Portfolio and choosing how to diversify

Kick Jamaica cut out Wall Street Middlemen, connecting Members Directly to their investment, this reduces unnecessary fees and transition cost, ultimately
Producing greater potential returns Per investment