D'amir Wanguard

Zagreb, Croatia

D'amir's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About D'amir

I have 24 years of experience in concept creation and production for business communication. All of my diverse work experience is based on Human Centric Design approach.

I believe that empathic approach is multi disciplinary and that should not be strictly constraint to procedures, as that way necessity to think is excluded, hence resulting in missing opportunities to innovate and improve.

Last problem I approached, are daily repetitive tasks that are or could and should be addressed by our present and future main daily layer of interaction with life, Software.
Users of that segment are now measured as population. To be successful in delivering such solution it is necessary to transform, actually align software design principles to underlying technology and behavioural trends, of present and future.

By creating solution, new innovative foundations where established that supported numerous additional opportunities for further improvements, evolving the whole effort to a productive platform.

A crucial aspect of Human Centred approach is gaining and retaining user trust from the very beginning. Especially in a productive environment, trust becomes tipping point of adoption. Value returns value, with time trust is build and strengthen. But once disappointed user, is one from which is hardest or impossible to regain trust.

Said that, Minimum Valuable Product - MVP, for me is not an option. It is development tool, but never a product that users can have access to.

Those are some of the more important aspects about me and the project I am building. If you find to agree with me, let’s talk and see if we can collaborate.

I look for professionals in programming that will not compromise on security and Human Centric Design talent, for a start.