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About Damon

I currently manage my time between Stockholm and New York, being able to provide you the best of both worlds. With a deep understanding of both markets, I bring the experience required for any credible idea to be taken off the ground.

From my years of experience, I have worked on a range of different things, such as: marketing, team management and recruitment as well as sales. I have worked on creating several business plans and everything that goes along with it: making a solid presentation, working with financiers as well as vital things such as competitive analysis.

I am looking to join someones startup as the business developer and handling everything except for the product side of things. Let me be your operations guy. I am passionate, driven and very ambitious if I like an idea. This product will be our baby and it's our assignment to make it blossom. In you, I want you to be creative, independent and driven and seeking the ultimate success. Together - a golden team with reach globally and the chance to actually make a difference.

I have done the startup thing before and even sold a startup and have developed an extensive network of talented people as well as people who can contribute to a business through networking. Specifically when it comes to talent, I have personally worked and employed award-winning designers and technical staff.

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