Damon Alley

Portland, Oregon, US

CVO of my idea and your startup
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Hi I am the founder of Lulu Bicycles an ambitious startup whose first product tackles the problem of bike component theft. We took our product to the largest bike event in North America and captured the attention of three of the biggest manufactures in the industry. That, unfortunately, put us on the backpedal as it made it apparent that fortunately, our product turned out that our product had way more potential then we anticipated. We had so much interest that launching it preemptively would have been suicide, (well unless we wanted to sell ourselves out to an investor), and now we are restructuring and will be going through a business accelerator to meet the challenge. I am not on here for that startup as we are covered. I am here for my real estate idea that in short allows a prospective buyer to profit off of renting their prospective house to use that profit to buy the home at or above asking price to satisfy both parties in a rent-to-own. Unlike anything else, the buyer has no rent expenses and profits off of their living situation. Through a propietary process the owner gets guaranteed rent and the prospective buyer eliminates there living cost and instead profits off of living itself. If the prospective house has a solar panel then that means unlimited "gas" for the prospective buyer if they have an E-car. There are other services involved but that is the core of the idea. It is a complete win for all parties involved. . I am looking for a cofounder who would like to make this business there own. I have done it for myself but I realized why not scale this into a business? I would be the CVO of the business and provide the visionary and long-term strategic insight for the business and you would do the rest meaning you would get most of the equity as well. You will have to go through a university incubator though. I say that because if you need my connections that means OSU's rain accelerator but I know there are better programs out there and if you are affiliated with a school that has a better program we will use that. This is an idea that has been validated and everything and is yours to command and mine to envision, let's go!