Damon Bame

Corona, California, US

Damon's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Damon

I am looking for a CEO or a mobile app programmer, or one who can do both --for the development and maintenance of the mobile apps of Cuemeup.com, which is an in-person internet live matchmaking service. A real good fit for me would be that I lead the startup until a CEO is found; you might be it.. We need a CEO, CTO, CMO and someone who doubles as CSR and University Marketing; I'd like to do 'Venue Marketing', like nightclubs, entertainment centers, etc. The CMO can work with the CTO on the social networking interface apps, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Sweat equity only until funding.

I''m getting ready to outsource the Android app, but would prefer that is it done by a team member. The reason I am looking for a CEO / CTO is that I have another start-up that I pulled from being online because of heart surgery a couple of years ago. I feel fine now, and I would like to be the CEO of the other startup plus working on venue marketing for CueMeUp.com (open to domain name or company name-change.(