Damon Casale

Pasadena, California, US

Damon's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Damon

I'm a senior front-end developer with 8+ years of experience, both as a freelancer and working on-site for medium and small-sized companies.

I'm currently working on a social networking site for technical people, and would like to network with other entrepreneurs who might be interested in giving feedback at this very early stage of development. I'm also looking for a designer who might be willing to trade services with me, as a senior developer.

In addition, I've noticed a common theme during my web development career. Either the business' web site is dated and not positioned well for maximum agility, or even worse, they hired offshore developers (perhaps even through Elance or oDesk) to develop an unmaintainable mess.

There are industry best practices for web development which many businesses don't use, either because they're simply focused on current needs, or because they "can't afford" to do things the "right" way. But in most cases, there IS a way to do it better, and to take their current web site and turn it into something better, more maintainable and better adapted to today's needs.

I would like to offer business consulting and training, both to project managers as well as directly to developers, to explain industry best practices and demonstrate why they are important using the business' own web site source code as an example. I would assist the current in-house developers in identifying "pain points" in the site architecture and develop an action plan to transition from the current architecture to one better suited to the company's needs. I would point the developers to technical resources (both online and in print) to refer to once the training is over and I'm not there to answer questions. And, I would package consulting services geared towards maintaining the business' in-house talent and keeping their skills up to date.

Firstly, I need a web site, as I am a web *developer* but not a web *designer*. I only need a medium to present articles and resources, to gather sales leads and send out an email newsletter, nothing more sophisticated than that. I also need a small amount of seed capital to bootstrap the business through its first couple of months. I have a client with a real estate web site business to pay some of my bills (who can also serve as a reference, as I'm doing exactly this kind of transformation for them right now), so don't expect this to be a constant capital drain. Finally, I need business advice, tax advice, and some help with marketing.

My technical skill set includes:

Zend Framework 1/2
Google Maps
MySQL / PostGreSQL / MS SQL / db optimization
jQuery, Dojo
Twitter Bootstrap
Object-oriented development (client-side and server side)