Damon Payne

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

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Founded 2+ startups

About Damon

I'm a business-minded developer with 15+ years of full-stack development experience, management experience, and public speaking experience. I'm looking for someone with a great idea we can turn into a business. I'm not looking to come up with the next Instagram and get funding for a billion dollar exit. I have this old-fashioned notion that a sustainable business should provide value its customers are willing to pay for. I have a long history of success shipping software and have most recently worked in SaaS companies. I've been a big part of several successful small companies by shipping new products, and I'd love to have my name on the door next time.

Ideally, you have deep knowledge of a particular business domain, have identified a miss in the marketplace, and you have people you know will give you money to solve their problem. Let's get this thing bootstrapped in the cloud and get revenue, and then I'll quit my day job and work on making our customers happy.


UW-Wisconsin Whitewater


2000 - 2000


Certified Scrum Master