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About Dan B

I'm an experienced designer and user experience specialist with a strong business acumen. I'd consider myself a one man product generator with the ability to scope, strategise, prototype, test and design products and I'm looking to use these skills to build a startup from the ground up with a great co-founder.

I have a bundle of thought-out product and business ideas and am looking to find the perfect co-founder to turn dreams in to realities with.

The perfect partner for me would be someone with more exposure to a financial or business background, I'm fully prepared to work hard and muddle my way through those things but I'd rather find someone passionate about business management so I can focus on my passion which is product and user experience. A technical co-founder would be an added bonus - I can code and have a solid understanding of product tech requirements but I'm not a backend wizz by any means.

Above all I'm hoping to find someone who is passionate, creative and spirited like myself... if you've got a head full of dreams and a smile on your face, we should meet!