Dan Bahnuk

Vancouver, Canada

Dan's Skills
Business Development

About Dan

I work at a regular job but have been developing a project regarding personal budgets.
I have a prototype set up and have created a business plan with an accountant. The accountant was my partner but he recently received a better offer of employment and is no longer with me.
This leaves a void as the accountant has run some small businesses before.
I have never ran a small business before but would like to start an on-line business regarding personal budgets.
I have tried to have my website built by a few people but all have been a failure. People say they can do the job only to see it poorly done and then they quit.
Being that I'm older then 56 and have used budgets all my life and I have several trading accounts including a stock broker, I feel that I have a pretty good idea about finances for the average person. My accountant in fact was rather amazed at how well my program was put together.
I am trying to get a company going that would be need a few employees and produce a very decent income.
I would love to leave my existing job and move on to something that I like to do.