Dan Barber

Santa Fe, New Mexico, US

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Business Development

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The Problem

Personnel evaluation systems, as we know them today, are worthless. They are used primarily as an afterthought to support promotions or punitive actions. They are subject to inflation and bias. Different managers throughout an organization will have different baselines for acceptable performance resulting in a high variation in scores for employees of the same caliber. Occurring quarterly at best and annually at worst, evaluations have become a rote and painful task for most organizations and provide no real useful data on the employee attributes that matter, when they matter.

The Solution

Percival provides the solution. Using a web-based system that is available throughout the year for snap evals and quarterly or better timeperiods, those attributes that the organization values can be rated for each employee in a matter of minutes. Normalization methods are used to adjust for inflation and a 'toggle' method is used to tamper bias and tease out the worst and the best of the organization. A graphic display system puts analytics in an easily-digestible method at leadership fingertips. Using colors and animation to allow for easier visualization, Percival provides for real business intelligence on employee competence, and morale, as well as many other attributes.

I have a working spreadsheet model and tons of ideas on how this system can be used. I do not have the programming skills to bring it to life, myself.