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Phoenix, Arizona, US

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About Dan

Verdict Systems Founder/COO with 10 years of profitability until I sold in 2008, selling my follow-on California consulting company (D3G) as I come back to Phoenix to start the next great fun thing...I now need a technical developer co-founder who is looking to go big. I've been doing this a long time, I've always been profitable and I'm ready to go again!

I'm a firm believer that simplicity wins and I've built successful companies on more than one occasion following that mantra.

I've now wire-framed a very simple concept to break the stranglehold the search and social monsters have on advertising via the web and mobile.

Search and social act as modern middlemen that attempt to connect consumers with sellers but it's all an logarithmic guessing game. If you remove the middlemen and provide buyers what they need when they need it, rather than constantly begging them to buy what you think they want based on their search and profile history, you break the system.

Connecting consumers with the individuals, businesses and organizations they interact with most with an unobtrusive, value-when-I-need-it platform can change the game.

If you're a full-stack iOS or Andriod dev looking to make your mark and that finds any of this interesting, drop me a note...lets break the system.


You must own everything in your world. There is no one else to blame. - Jocko Willink

Work Experience


Verdict Systems LLC

September 1998 - December 2008

The co-founder of Verdict Systems LLC, Dan conceptualized, developed and implemented the business plan as well as served as the Chief Operations Officer for the company until its eventual sale in December of 2008. Verdict Systems grew from a cocktail napkin idea to change litigation presentation technology into a multi-million-dollar international software leader in this very competitive industry. Verdict Systems flagship product "Sanction" has been used worldwide in some of the most highly publicized trials in the early part of this century. From Enron, to the War Crimes Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia, the DC Sniper Trials, Martha Stewart, the successful prosecution of OJ Simpson and countless others, Verdict Systems success and impact on litigation technology is immeasurable.

Intelligence Operations Analyst


May 1989 - May 2004

Performed Intelligence Operations support for both strategic and tactical flying wings in both peacetime and combat operations. Cultivated analytical thinking and problem solving skills through formal intelligence training and real-world missions. Developed comprehensive analytical skills and refined presentation techniques as I was required to brief the most junior service members as well as flag-level officers. Top Secret SCI security clearance for entire career. Honorably discharged May 2004.


D3G Consulting

January 2009 - Today

I founded D3G Consulting (formerly DOBowen) with my wife following the sale of Verdict Systems to apply our entrepreneurial innovation and vision to businesses and organizations particularly as it applies to technology and process improvement. We provide leadership through strategic direction and tactical implementation and we maximize budget efficiency through force multiplying effects of quality planning and implementation. • Operational evaluation, design and deployment of multiple Sonoma County School districts technological infrastructure resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of operational savings in both hardware and manpower. Increased end-user access and engagement of over 400%. • Organizational analysis and operating process overhaul of multi-million-dollar non-profit resulting in a reduction of over $450,000 of direct operating costs all within 90 days of engagement. • Reduced operational support costs for 20-year-old accounting firm by over 50% within months of engagement while simultaneously increasing user productivity through streamlined operations and providing high-availability corporate resources. • Designed and implemented complete infrastructure overhaul of multi-million-dollar, multi-location, world renowned bakery resulting in a reduction of operating costs of 30% while increasing user access by over 200%.