Dan Brehmer


San Francisco, California, US

Data Scientist and Entrepreneur
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Product Management

About Dan

At SLAC National Accelerator Lab I led the design, fabrication and installation of many projects for the synchrotron radiation lightsource. Of particularly note, I initiated and developed the concept for the high throughput multipurpose ultra high vacuum endstation at SSRL Beam Line 8-2 which increased the sample throughput by a factor of 20 and reduced system downtime from 8 hours per change cycle to 20 minutes. The system brought additional benefit to the users and staff by reducing staff load and reducing the technical knowledge required of the user, thus making the measurement system available to a wider range of researchers.

Before my formal work experience, during college in the 1980's a friend and I built out an extensive fractal generation and raytracing package on his newly acquired 286 system with 256 color graphics card. We worked on numerous projects together and this one took many forms itself, but I mention it because it was such a good experience where my math skills and creativity paired so well with his coding skills to produce a very satisfying end product. It also stands out since it was driven by a curiosity and playfulness that has been lacking in most of my more recent work projects. I want that back in my life, so let's start with something fun!

Work Experience

Event Chair for The Uploaded Life: Personal evolution through self tracking

MIT/Stanford Venture Lab (VLAB)

November 2011 - March 2012

Vice Chair

MIT Enterprise Forum Bay Area (VLAB)

July 2015 - Today

Build and lead Executive team of 24, manage event pipeline for all volunteer organization with 26 year history producing top quality events for entrepreneurs and investors. Strategy with VLAB Chair, board and advisors. Reincorporation of VLAB as an independent entity.

Data Scientist in Residence


August 2016 - January 2017

• Built enrollment prediction model for incoming DSI students. Extracted admissions pipeline data from Salesforce. Read data in from data warehouse using psycopg2. Developed models for active and soon-to-open campuses. Deployed to run on AWS and update the prediction daily, writing the result back to the data warehouse. • Conducted Admissions interviews in probability and statistics for the Galvanize Data Science Immersive (DSI). • Assisted class of 16 students in Galvanize DSI. Graded, answered questions, led review sessions and capstone scrum.

Engineering Physicist

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

September 2001 - October 2013

• Assembled and led cross functional teams to engineer and implement upgrades and maintenance for three soft x-ray beam lines through 2006, then six beam lines through 2013. • Designed and implemented high throughput end station, increasing samples per load from just a few to more than 50 and automated sample change, reducing turnaround time from 8 hours to less than 20 minutes. • Led team to design, fabricate and install a bent silicon elliptical mirror system. Pushed the mechanical stress limits of silicon to improve SSRL Beam Line 5 sample focus intensity by a factor of 10. Detailed system model using Matlab.


UC Santa Barbara

Physics PhD - Semiconductor Materials

1989 - 1999

Co-working Space

Galvanize - SF Soma

2016 - Today