Dan Brue

Houston, Texas, US

Dan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Dan

"Dan Brue is the very definition of a visionary and entrepreneur. His unique blend of swing for the fences mentality mixed with a craving for reserved and logistical research brings you the company TOTALLITY SOLUTIONS!"

I always believed I would achieve greatness. I was raised in a great family, and was a perfectionist who could talk my way into, or out of, anything. I started my first company at 12 and had four employees by 13. It was not until I was diagnosed with Crohns at 18 that I truly saw the reality of life. Four years and countless surgeries later, including having my large intestine removed, gave me the time to become as Introverted and Introspective as I was Extroverted and Charismatic. I learned how to empathize and understood the frailty of life. Through this experience, I was reborn. After healing and fighting to live a normal life, I solely moved to Australia with nothing to my name. I was determined to make something of myself! After locking myself away from the world I knew, I came back to America finally having discovered my purpose in life. I want to HELP PEOPLE!

But enough about me...

My company, Totallity, was created originally as a premier method to help effectively show, use, and purchase Wound and Ostomy Products. A platform that not only shows your personalized body type; but also products and training videos to aid in the use of these products. A guide for the best centralized information hub based entirely on you and what you are currently researching.

At Totallity, we believe in these centralized goals combined with an Agile Startup Methodology to direct our vision. It is important that our team is passionate and believe in what we do. Everyday is a blessing, and it is important that we spread this ideology to the world through our work.

I am looking for partners or cofounders to help me take this idea to market! Experience in Web Marketing, Business Development, and the Ostomy Market are a plus; however, a general curiosity for learning and entrepreneurship is what I am looking for at the end of the day. I am looking to build a team with the ability to learn new skills quickly, a deep passion for learning, and the ability to express ideas in a creative, open-dialogue for company growth. Don't look back, come join a team that is going to change this huge Ostomy market.