Dan Cunningham

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Federal Government / Air Traffic / UAS / UAV / Drone / Regulation
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I have over 35 years of air traffic control experience at numerous air traffic control towers from small general aviation airports to high-density air traffic airports such as Las Vegas McCarran Int'l Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor Int'l Airport.

In addition to working live air traffic, I've worked in a tactical and strategic support position responsible for safety risk management, airspace procedures and air traffic operational programs. I make recommendations for new projects/studies, taking into account available resources and the accomplishment of facility goals and objectives. Provide expertise toward the completion of projects/studies and facility reports. Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of equipment, facilities, and procedures. Develop methods to improve customer service and the quality of support provided.

I have over 8 years in air traffic operations support positions that include the following: Part 107 UAS and Airspace Specialist, Safety Risk Management Coordinator, Performance Data Analysis and Reporting System (PDARS), Terminal Area Route Generation, Evaluation, and Traffic Simulation (TARGETS), Systems Atlanta Information Display System (ACE-IDS), and Adacel System Inc. Tower Simulator Support Specialist.

I am interested in
All things UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) aka drones. I'm an FAA certified UAS pilot. I've been a key player in developing methods to track and integrate UAS operations within the Phoenix metropolitan area. I've worked closely with both UAS operators and facility air traffic managers to develop methods that assist controllers to readily identify locations UAS' are operating. This work drew attention within the FAA at a national level. In late 2017 Phoenix Sky Harbor international airport was chosen as one of the test facilities for the new Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) system. LAANC is a new platform developed in partnership by the FAA and UAS industry to give instant notification to air traffic controllers of UAS pilots operating within controlled airspace. I am one of the initial evaluators and contributors to the development and refinement of the LAANC system that will eventually be used throughout the National Airspace System (NAS).

I have experience as a small business owner. I launched and successfully ran the business Skippy Disc, LLC (which was featured in Biz Journal for Phoenix) and an ecommerce supply website called Classic AG, LLC. In addition, I'm a Licensed Realtor, Airbnb Host and Uber Driver.


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