Dan Durocher

Bradenton, Florida, US

Dan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Dan

I'm a "wantrepreneur" with an idea that could change the way we build relationships with those around us. But I lack the programming/development skills to make it happen. I'm looking for a co-founder willing to go 50/50 from the start.

What do I bring to the table other than an idea?

I'm a former Army officer with experience managing projects and people. I'm outcome oriented; I don't lose sight of the mission. I'm also a lawyer licensed to practice law in Florida. I graduated at the top of my law school class. Navigating laws, regulations, and the fine print in contracts is my dream come true. Well, at least it's tolerable.

Who am I on my own time?

I like hockey, whiskey, and craft beer. I spend my free time with my daughter and girlfriend. When I have time, I build things in my wood shop. I devote a significant amount of time to personal growth. I'm constantly listening to podcasts and reading books on business, productivity, and legal topics. I'm an Apple fanatic. If you don't have an iPhone and MacBook, we might not get along.

So what do I propose?

Lets get together and have a coffee or beer. We can see if we like each other. If we do, then we can talk business.