Dan Fast

Kings County, New York, US

Developer at Amplify Education
Dan's Skills
Product Management

About Dan

Back in college I did a lot of graphics, gaming, and programming.

Junior summer I made a game for Comedy Central Games called "Defend Yer Sister" (60,000 plays). At the start of my senior year I grew more interested in education, particularly in how games educate. I grew convinced that games, and their ability to transform extrinsic information (teacher advice) into intrinsic information (environmental feedback), was the pathway forward in education.

I then taught programming / robotics for a year at Wilmington Friends School in Delaware (6th - 8th grade) and rewrote the curriculum to better orient with current STEM initiatives.

After that I worked with the startup Memrise developing front-end user experience and widgets.

Now I'm working on my own educational games, with a focus on multiplayer experiences.

Work Experience



March 2014 - December 2016