Dan's Skills
Product Management

About Dan

Product guy and UX obsessive with 7 years engineering experience. Spent 18 months working on enterprise level projects, after which I co-founded Floxx in 2011 as CTO. Built the team over 2 years, becoming extremely product focussed, while still overseeing high level technical design.

In March 2013 I founded Drivn and have spent the last few years working in Product focussed roles at London startups, as well as a couple of personal side projects.

Most recently I ran Product for a music messaging app called MSTY, having initially hired the team across iOS, Android, backend & design. The app was featured by Apple in 143 countries on launch and awarded Editor's Choice in 13.

While I find my technical background to be a great asset, my main focus will be product Product i.e. users, business/strategy, growth and a splash of tech.