Dan I

San Francisco, California, US

4x. Currently working on a Truly Decentralized Payment Network (VISA/MC 2.0)
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About Dan I

I've brought a number of products "from lab to market" for corporations and on my own: IP telephony gateway, 2 CRM's, Hosted Digital Signage and Cloud-managed kiosk/signage platform, and a two-layer blockchain.

Currently working on a decentralized payment processing blockchain that bridges crypto and fiat - GRAFT.Network and Lyra.live.
Also looking to potentially revive an AI based IDP / authenticator platform - Biom.io.

Looking for like-minded individuals with technical and business / marketing skill sets to evolve the projects beyond PoC.


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. - Albert Einstein

Work Experience

Product Manager / Solution Architect


October 2007 - December 2015

Embedded Linux based thin client platform; browser based rendering with custom APIs; cloud-based management layer. Advanced interactive kiosks. Cisco Interactive Experience Platform. Lead development of an innovative browser-based, cloud-managed kiosk and automation platform. Managed business requirements and product development. Worked with solutions teams, clients, and partners on technology adoption, pre-sales, escalations, and roadmaps. Delivered numerous major and minor releases of the product. Facilitated multiple large deployments including in- room patient info/entertainment system for hospitals in TX, automated locker control, interactive dressing room, transportation information display, and multiple other innovative systems and applications.



August 2004 - September 2006

Brought to market an advanced marketing automation and hosted customer relationship management (CRM) system. Managed Go-to-Market marketing by engaging with industry leaders. Set up sales and marketing systems (CRM). Hired and lead sales and support team. Developed web and marketing collateral. Achieved MRR of $100k in under 2 years.

VP, Product

Moderro Technologies

September 2006 - April 2015

Managed engineering, product, and strategic sales for advanced web-centric, cloud-managed thin client and kiosk/automation platform. Complete SW stack with customized browser exposing peripherals as JS API. Highly functional remote management, control and monitoring. Set up engineering and QA processes, managed requirements, roadmaps, releases. Executed a large OEM licensing deal. Facilitated multiple deployments including an employee training channel for large grocery chain, a military communication channel, trading floor channel etc.


Portland State University

MS Engineering Technology Management + Computer Science

2008 - 2010