Dan In Orange COunty

Irvine, California, US

Dan In Orange COunty's Skills
Product Management

About Dan In Orange COunty

I have been maturing my prototype for a neuro-feedback software application that will be marketed in the eHealth space. The details are apologetically vague in this introduction as I am an early stage design patent applicant and can reveal more upon execution of an NDA.

Myself; I work full-time as an IT Director and have been designing/architecting business automation applications for 20 years professionally. My greatest strength is my creative problem solving skills for technical solutions. Typically, I build prototypes of applications, interfaces, and databases, and usually have one or more programmers who advance the prototypes in an iterative, continuous improvement process, refactoring conceptual modules, forms and interfaces, into more robust, enterprise releases.

I am in need of a strong programmer to advance the application and communications layer of my personal product of which I would share equity based on your commitment to work and time invested. The current prototype is a C# based WinForm app that communicates wirelessly with an eeg headset over Bluetooth, and includes webcam, and audio. This is a multi-user application needing a service layer and subscription manager module. At my current pace of 20 hours per week, and limited skills as a programmer, I estimate it will take another 9 to 12 months to bring this to Beta user stage. I hope to reduce this to 3 to 6 months with the right person.

I have strong sales and presentation skills having spent 12 years as a consultant, sales engineer, and implementation specialist on a large vertical software application, and I am prepared to handle this area, and have already made several pitches to focus groups, and meet-ups in the eHealth area.